NACI Care™

What is NACI Care™

NACI Care™ is a comprehensive patient navigation tool designed for data entry, tracking, and evaluation. It helps gather and analyze patient navigation visit data efficiently while standardizing processes against nationally recommended metrics.

Our tool is tailored for cancer care, covering the entire cancer continuum from outreach to survivorship. It allows for program customization based on patient disease type, cancer continuum phase, and outreach activities. NACI Care™ can generate real-time reports with actionable insights for patients, navigators, and program evaluation. It is a web-based application compatible with multiple operating systems and devices.

Benefits of NACI Care™

Creating Standards

Enhances your ability to provide navigation services aligned to nationally recognized quality standards.

Data & Insights

Measures and tracks the impact of your navigators to gain valuable insights in addressing disparities in patient care, driving efficiencies and balancing navigator workload.

Effective Reporting

Creates reporting documentation required to submit for reimbursable navigation services.

Patient Outcomes

Maximizes the effectiveness of your navigation program to ensure timely, high-quality medical and psychosocial services to improve patient outcomes.

Measures Included in NACI Care™

NACI Care™ leverages the metrics supported by the following organizations

NACI Care™


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